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MediaOne 5a – Active Studio Monitors

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Listening Incentive.

Samson’s MediaOne 5a Active Studio Monitors are the ideal speakers for all your multimedia needs. With high-quality components and an innovative design, MediaOne 5a produces amazing sound no matter the application. Whether you’re listening to music on iTunes or Spotify, watching videos via YouTube or Ustream, desktop/console gaming or recording, MediaOne 5a is the perfect choice.

The sound of video.

When used with video applications, MediaOne 5a make all the difference. With these pro-level monitors connected to your computer, the sound of YouTube, movies and live streaming alike will be impeccable and enhance your enjoyment of all your videos. And you can still experience the full-range sound of your videos in quiet environments by using the system’s VOLUME control knob and headphone output.


Gaming starts hear.

With the amount of attention being paid to the audio aspects of online gaming, MediaOne 5a will maximize the listening experience for gamers everywhere. Perfect for desktop setups, as well as gaming consoles. These monitors will make you feel like you’re in the game.


Powered by design.

MediaOne 5a monitors produce powerful, full-range audio with 40-watts of power. Its 5-inch woofers deliver a controlled low frequency response, while its tweeters give the high frequencies a natural sound without unwanted noise. All this comes in two enclosures that are finished in an attractive black satin vinyl covering, assuring these monitors look as good as they sound.

From features, come options.

The system’s rear control panel features RCA inputs, terminals for connecting the passive monitor, a power switch and AC power connection. In addition, its front panel houses the VOLUME control knob and headphone output. A 3.5mm AUX input for connecting a second signal source such as an MP3 player, keyboard or any other stereo signal can also be found in this location.

Providing great-sounding, reliable audio reproduction, Samson’s MediaOne 5a Active Studio Monitors are the ideal speaker system for all multimedia applications or wherever great sound is desired.

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