Marshall DSL15H 15W All-Tube Guitar Amp Head & MX412A Guitar Speaker Cabinet


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The Marshall DSL15H 15W guitar amp head is a no-nonsense, mini-brute. It is identical to the DSL15C except it doesn’t feature reverb. It is compact, making it easy easy for the musician on the go. If you want to experience the sheer power of playing through a Marshall 4 x 12″ cab, but are on a budget, then the 240 Watt MX412A is ideal. This Tolex covered, mono-angled cab, featuring the iconic Marshall baffle logo is loaded with Celestion G12E speakers and is compatible with most Marshall heads. For full-on performance, the 100 Watt MG100HCFX will let you perform like a pro while going easy on your pocket. This impressive head is the pinnacle of the MG range. Its front panel features are the same as the MGs from MG50CFX upwards, combining tried-and-tested solid-state tonal circuitry with awesome digital FX.

350,000.00 450,000.00

  • 4-12AX7 and 2-6V6 tubes, Two footswitchable channels – Classic Gain and Ultra Gain, Footswitch supplied
  • Shared 4-way EQ – Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence, & Mid-Shift button adds to the amp’s tonal flexibility
  • Deep button adds a resonant bass boost & Pentode/Triode switch to drop power down from 15W to 7.5W
  • Speaker Dimensions in mm: (W x H x D) 770 x 755 x 365;
  • Speakers: 4×12″ 60 Watts each.
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